Soap Villa 

Soap Villa is a result of two wishes. First is the wish for the harmonious integration of nature and us. Second is the wish for the simplicity that creates sustainability. These two wishes became true when Soap Villa integrates the traditional natural Thai herbs into an environmental-friendly making process with a simple packaging design. Unlike other industrial-made soaps, which obviously pollute the environment and concern less on sustainability of nature, our soaps are made by cold-process, which is the original natural soap making process, with natural ingredients. Our unique knowledge of which and how particular Thai herbs could nourish our skin, body and health is the heart of our products. Soap Villa preserves such valuable knowledge and presents it worthwhile in the simple and user-friendly design for both domestic and international market. With "simple and natural’ in mind, Soap Villa is designed to enrich the sufficient use, consequently reduce the wasteful consumption. Like we said, our soaps are “Friend of your skin, Friend of nature!”.  

Soap Villa Natural Soap Bar

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